SDG: 3

You can do anything you set your mind to

Linn Tornholm & Vicky Kornblit
Linn and Vicky have built up their own self-esteem and self-worth. After many years of negative thoughts and self-hatred, they have learned to love and believe in themselves through simple exercises. Their teaching is based on these life experiences. They are both passionate about putting mental training on the agenda and change the perspective of mental health.


PROJEKT S stands for self-esteem, self-worth, self-care and strength. PROJEKT S is first-movers in Denmark in terms of offering mental training as a weekly leisure activity. The program combines mental and physical training and have a holistic approach to health. The participants learn how to cope with difficult situations, be aware of their own strengths and be more confident. PROJEKT S is driven by enthusiastic volunteers that have a relevant background and shares a passion for supporting young people.

Impact story

Before Emma started to PROJEKT S, she focused on the negative things in her life. Emma says: "I was always very negative and my whole day could be ruined if I had a bad hair day or didn’t feel good about myself.” During the program, Emma felt like the program made her happier. Emma’s greatest accomplishment has been that she’s become more grateful about the small things in their life. She says: “After the program I have become much better at focusing on all the amazing things I have in my life. And I have become better at setting goals and achieving them. Moreover, I don’t have so many negative thoughts about my looks, which has increased my life quality”.
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