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Tarvo Metspalu
Tarvo Metspalu has a versatile background, making him truly a jack of all trades. He designs, writes, produces imagery, performs etc. Being a former bully-victim, he tried to find acceptance elsewhere and founded a creativity forum at the age of 15. Tarvo has a MSc in Physics with about 10 years of experience in popularizing science. At the moment, he works as a CTO in a hardware company dedicated to the future of mobility. He dedicates his free time to SPARK Makerlab - a creativity centre for all.


SPARK Makerlab is a makerspace in the middle of Tartu. It offers hobbyists and makers the chance to create anything out of wood, metal, plastic, electronics or art thanks to the tools and the space available to the community. SPARK Makerlab is a place where people can share their ideas and make their dreams come true. In addition to makerspace services, SPARK Makerlab offers creative STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) workshops and welcomes children and the youth to join in.

Impact story

Magnus was 17-years-old when he first came to SPARK Makerlab. He had many ideas which he had not tested out. A mentor gave him a couple of ideas he could test out at the makerspace and soon enough, Magnus was instructing a workshop for both children and adults. He was so fond of the wooden log ring-light he designed for the workshop, that when he turned 18, he established his first company and began productions.
Presently, although Magnus does not deal with lights that intensely anymore, he has a superb sense of business as he has tested and failed many more times than his peers. Magnus also works as a part-time inventor for SPARK Makerlab to produce new workshops for kids and adults.

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