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We never choose the storm, but we have the choice to either let it destroy us or to weather it with a windmill

Imad Elabdala
Imad Elabdala was born in Syria and came to Sweden as a refugee in 2013. With a formal education as an engineer and experience as an entrepreneur, Imad continued his journey in Sweden.
But the trauma that remained from the war and suffering from PTSD led Imad to dive into psychology. After healing himself, he took the decision to help other children to handle trauma and social challenges using a scientific innovation that combines research, stories, technology and data in his organization Kidnovation.


Kidnovation creates tools that help children cope with mental and social challenges by delivering them best practice of science and psychology through stories and games that find easy ways to their hearts and minds. The tools are digital and scalable and also measures the quality of impact.

Impact story

Rodin 13 years old from Aleppo, Syria, and she lost her home and best friends in the war and came to Sweden as a refugee. Rodin says that the program has helped her process and understanding of the conflict from a different perspective. And thanks to the Protagonist Sarah in the storybook – a character and story that is similar to Rodin and her own experiences – Rodin now believes more in herself and her dreams, and she has more hope in having a good life.
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