SDG: 12

Live a life that makes people believe in what you do

Giedrius Bučas
Creativity Corner 360
Once, we visited a design fair in Finland, where we found many interesting design pieces made from leftover industrial materials. Conscious consumption that saves natural resources is a lifestyle of the Finnish. They pay more for old things than they do for new, believing that they are investing into more sustainable, cleaner environment. Inspired by this philosophy we opened up a shop in Kaunas and are trying to live in peace with the surrounding environment.


We are determined to fast-track environmental changes for the better good of the society. In our day-to-day operations we are driven by our values and try to implement innovative solutions. We take part in projects, organise fairs and trainings. We use our energy to spread green ideas and see many unused possibilities to be a clean country. Also, we conduct educational activities by organising workshops about up-cycling and environment protection.

Impact story

It is very easy and the most fun to work with children. They are curious and learn quickly, they can easily appreciate beauty, catch on to new ideas. During the last 3 years, more than 4000 children have visited our shop. Their parents often tell stories how their children teach them how to sort trash, ask them not to throw away useful things, not to use yet another plastic bag.
After visiting our shop, families start to use less of disposable tableware, and do not leave trash behind themselves.
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