SDG: 10

Doing good stuff is contagious

Pauliina Liukkonen
Pauliina is a NGO professional, Firestarter and an ideator with ten years of experience in program planning, coordination, management and political advocacy. She wants to work for the enhancement of social justice. This includes securing the rights of humans and animals as well as protecting the ecosystems. Ultimately, Pauliina is interested in contributing to a society which combines economic activity with community benefit.


Hima & Strada is Finland's first street-credible walking tours! Hima & Strada offers intriguing urban excursions designed and guided by people who have experienced homelessness. Participants get to visit locations that hold a specific significance, neighborhoods linked to juicy stories, or places associated with events that have left specific memories. The tours are also our channel to do advocacy work and remind the duty-bearers of our society about their responsibilities in making the right to housing a reality for all.

Impact story

We want to reduces stigmas and pre-conceptions that are common towards people who have experienced homelessness. The situation of homelessness is often related to personal failures and the structural and systemic causes behind homelessness remain hidden. Almost 84% of participants on our tours have said that their views towards homeless people have changed a lot. In addition, 86% of the participants have experienced an increased urge to tackle the homelessness issue. In Hima & Strada we would like to change the balance of power, to make it more equal. We walk because home is a human right, and everyone who joins our walking tours increases our impact.
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