SDG: 10

We enable young people to change the world through their passions

Johan Oljeqvist
Johan Oljeqvist, CEO of Fryshuset since 2010, was awarded "Diversity Manager of the Year" in 2018. Previously he was the CEO of Myrorna 2004-2010. Fryshuset has now expanded significantly both locally, nationally and internationally. Johan always bring young people's views into focus. He strives to include young people in decision making and to make their voices heard. To be open-minded and not judgemental is a core value for him. He lives and breathes Fryshuset's vision.


Fryshuset is a dynamic and multifaceted movement for young people’s development. We are a non-profit organisation independent of any political ideology or religion. We promote empowerment and social inclusion of youth with a special focus on those who are at risk or already face exclusion.
We provide opportunities for young people to develop their innate abilities and discover their passion in order to help them realise their full potential and find their way into society.

Impact story

Sample impact 2018: We meet young people 230 000 hours a month; We opened three new centers in Sweden, with expansion to Finland and Brazil; Our BASKET school and our EXIT program celebrated 20 years of success; FRYSHUSETS GYMNASIUM had an all-time high in first choice applicants; Our youth ambassadors met politicians in Järvaveckan, Almedalen and Malmedalen; Our democracy institute IDEDI launched a report on young people’s views on peace & security; TEATER FRYSHUSET toured Sweden with their celebrated play “Klipp Han” on youth violence; Our sustainability program WE_CHANGE won 1st prize at UNDP’s spring gala; We launched POWERHOUSE for young social entrepreneurs; and much more…
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