SDG: 3

The time is now

Artiomas Šabajevas
Born in late 70s, Artiomas experienced changes rapidly - from the breakdown of the Soviet Union to mobile phones and internet. These changes had an impact on him. Having collected 15 years of knowledge and experience in business, Artiomas finally followed his heart and turned to what he most passionate about – namely, transforming people's lives.


The program is designed to help families change their lifestyle through improvement of their nutrition, physical activity, rest, time and stress management skills. It starts with a 5-day camp for teens and continues with 21 days of distant training that involves the participants family members. Ultimately, the new skills are applied within real-life conditions. Dietologists, emotional intelligence practitioners, life coaches, PA teachers, and cooking educators constitute the core team of professionals that initiate these positive changes.

Impact story

Melita is 14 years old and used to be a strong-minded teen. However, she started to struggle with her growing body weight and postponed any efforts to initiate change. She entered the program with a BMI over 30, which is equivalent to class I obesity. Entering the program Melita seemed happy, but she struggled with physical activity and sugar abstinence. Nevertheless, she showed a very high discipline and motivation. At the end of the program, Melita reduced her BMI and felt happy and comfortable to eat any food that make her feel energetic, full and pretty.
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