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Eva Fog
Eva Fog fell in love with technology at the age of 10. After years of being 'the girl' she ended up as a woman wanting to make a change for the next generation of technology users and creators. With a diverse background as a self-taught techy, teacher and Waldorf pedagogue, Eva works tirelessly as an educator, expert, consultant and keynote speaker on children, gender equality and technology. Eva was awarded the Role Model of the Year in 2018.


DigiPippi is a NGO that strives to change the gender balance in IT and technology starting with girls whose age is from 7 to 13 years old. Through female role models from all sorts of tech backgrounds, DigiPippi kindles an interest with the girls by using their existing interests as an offset in workshops, clubs, school courses and events.

Impact story

Mette, 9 years old, arrives at the coding station with her mom and is greeted by one of DigiPippi's role models. They're participating in our Mother & Daughter Tech Brunch. Mette is very shy and reluctant, waiting for clear instructions. She doesn't dare to do the job alone. She gets a brief intro of the program, which is visual coding. Slowly she starts doing as instructed and gets a feel for what the birthday card should contain. In co-creation with the role model, Mette creates her own animated figure with sounds. After a while, Mette has got the control of the program and is now sitting and showing her mother how to use it. Mette shows self-confidence and much more enthusiasm.
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