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If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito

Amir Sajadi
Amir Sajadi grew up in Sweden, but has roots in Iran. He was politically engaged in his teens with the intention of improving society. After 12 years, he became aware that in established political life, more energy was put into gaining power than exercising power to something that improves society. He is now a social entrepreneur who is passionate about changing society - and loves to do business. In recent years, he has combined these skills and experiences and started many social businesses.


Järvaskolan works to create an aquivalent school where each student is inspired to limitless dreams and is motivated to higher studies.

Impact story

Aisa is 15 years old and when she started attending Järvaskolan she had an active cannabis addiction. "I had lost faith in a bright future and began to think out strategies to survive a hard life. The staff at Järvaskolan again and again showed how they really believed in me. They reminded me that I am smart, that I mean something. I started attending all my lessons and even went to a math schoold on a Sunday. Today I am copletely clean from drugs since 3 months back and smoke significantly less. In fact, I think there is a chance for me to pass in all subject, in order to enter high school. I take one step at a time.
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