SDG: 4

Fertility should be protected rather than prevented

Elena Kosaitė-Čypienė
My Fertility Matters
I have a Bachelor’s degree in Lithuanian and Swedish Philology as well as a Master’s degree in Law. I have
also lectured Law at University. At the same time, I taught adults to understand their bodies and the fertility processes going on in them. Many of them used to wonder why they hadn’t been told this before and repeatedly asked me to share my knowledge with their children. This was the start of the program My Fertility Matters, which accompanies girls, boys, and their parents through puberty.


My Fertility Matters is a sexual education and fertility awareness program to schoolchildren introducing body changes during the puberty and conception in both scientific and emotionally attractive way. Our workshops convey a positive attitude towards sexuality, fertility, new life, own body and strengthen kids’ self-esteem. We believe that this is the best sexual violence prevention method as a person can only protect what he values and respects.

Impact story

Program My Fertility Matters not only delivers a quality knowledge about human bodies: it also helps teenagers developing a positive attitude towards their bodies. A hot topic encourages discussions, and in that way strengthens relationship between teenagers themselves as well as between them and their parents. It is the only sexual education program in Lithuania where parents are engaged in sexual education of their children. We believe that the message our program sends is very powerful, so we have a dream that every child in Lithuania participates in our program. During the 1.5 years of the program’s existence, over 3,000 children and their parents attended our workshops in Lithuania.
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